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STILLSTAND UND HEIMKEHR new EP, shirt and bundle

Image of STILLSTAND UND HEIMKEHR new EP, shirt and bundle


"Ich möchte wandern weit über das Nebelmeer,
fort von den Menschen. Stillstand und Heimkehr."

"Stillstand und Heimkehr" is the new mini album of EIS, containing two songs with 21 minutes duration. The EP reflects a very emotional and personal approach, sounding both harsh and spontaneous and reminding more on "Galeere" and "Wetterkreuz" than on the more rational "Bannstein" album. For the first time, EIS have produced a release in their own studio and have included some doomy passages, an extended ambient approach and the most varied and intense vocal performance to date. The recording also features the first appearance of our new drummer Torrent and new guitarist Dante.

The EP is released in a limited print run of 1000 copies and comes in a nice digifile with 8 pages booklet, release date ist February 23rd of 2018.

It's available from us as
- just the CD
- just the limited heather grey FOTL shirt
- as a bundle containing both
- on live gigs we'll have a little extended bundle with us by the way