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"Bannstein (2015)
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The fifth and latest work, released October 9th, 2015. An oppressive opus about man's fateful nature and the impossibility to overcome its latent doom.

This time we have composed and arranged more diverse songs for "Bannstein" than ever. Dark, menacing Black Metal with classic Nordic riffs and majestic fury is still focal, yet ultimately only the foundation of the album. On top of it, the group heaps deeply melancholic passages ("Im Noktuarium", "Über den Bannstein"), painfully sluggish parts and catchy melodies ("Fern von Jarichs Gärten") besides thoughtful moments ("Im Schoß der welken Blätter") that never seem arbitrary but strongly connected with the lyrical content. We think that on "Bannstein", multifaceted Extreme Metal conflates with profound verse to create a multidimensional whole.

Available as
- CD digisleeve
- 2CD hardcover book (18x18 cm, 48 pages) incl. bonus CD with 5 bonus tracks (vocalists from Istapp, Grift, Empyrium, Vulture Industries, Lux Divina, Foscor a.o. doing their own vocal interpretations of the complete album!) and linernotes (500 copies available)
- Gatefold LP (180g vinyl, black) incl. poster and PVC protection sleeve (500 copies available); will be shipped as "Warensendung".

"Wetterkreuz" (2012)
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Our fourth album, out on 28th of September, 2012. A dark, threatening piece of melodic black metal, heavily influenced by the mid-nineties Scandinavian masters of this genre. Five extremely intense songs, biting the skin from your face like a blizzard.

Available as jewel case version.

"Galeere" (2009, jewel case re-issue 2015)
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The third album originally released under the banner of GEIST, "Galeere" - published in 2009 on Lupus Lounge/Prophecy Productions. Fully produced in Studio E with Markus Stock (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak a.o.), "Galeere" builds up pictures of the deep and rough sea, storms nailing your face, maelstroms and sunk cities below the oceans' surface. Five tracks with a playing time of around 52 minutes, filled with atmospheric black metal and influences from doom, rock and ambient genres. Comes in a reworked layout jewel case edition.

"Kainsmal" (2006, re-issue 2010)
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Besides the debut album "Patina", the second album "Kainsmal" is re-released in a deluxe edition as well. Originally released in 2006 on German label Cold Dimensions, "Kainsmal" heads into a much more autumnal direction, destilling decay and loss into six tracks of nordic influenced black metal.

This edition features the original version, plus a reworked version with re-recorded guitars, an additional track ("Carpathian Forest") and is adorned by a fully new mix and mastering courtesy of Markus Stock/Studio E. On top, the artwork is overworked and completed with liner notes by Alboin. Comes in a Super Jewelcase.

"Patina" (2005, re-issue 2010)
PICTURE (click): CD LP

Re-release of the long sold out debut album, originally released in 2005 on German cult label Solistitium Records.

This definite 2CD edition features both the original version, plus a 2010 overworked version with re-recorded guitars and a fully new mix and mastering provided by Markus Stock/Studio E. In addition, we have a completely new artwork based on the original fotos and graphic materials and liner notes by Alboin. Comes in Super Jewelcase.

As to the magnificient Gatefold LP on Lost Souls Graveyard: The 500 copies made back then were long thought to be sold out totally. But then, things usually don't turn out the way you expect. While closing down the Lost Souls Graveyard label, owner Dirk Rehfus found three lost boxes of "Patina" LPs in the attic, and we quickly managed to get our hands on it - to hand it over to you! So, get one of these black vinyls, clad in a Gatefold cover and in best condition. Be quick or be eaten by the wolves, as we used to say back then. Will be shipped as "Warensendung".